Documenting exactly how to execute transactions within your business system.

Typical Activities

The Paradigm Shift

Developing these procedures ensures that your staff consistently enters information into your business system so that financial and inventory transactions properly credits and debits all the right accounts and ledgers. The structure of these accounts and ledgers determine how you manage and control your business (by department, by function, by position, by business unit, geography, by location, etc.).

The procedures have fairly standardized functional steps but need they do need to be customized to your particular system; how you set the system up; and how you want to report results after the fact. Different systems accomplish the same tasks in very different ways. In one system a series of steps may be accomplished on one screen. Other systems may take five screen to accomplish the same task. The newer systems attempt to automate typical information entry and calculation. However choices need to be made within the system on how to accomplish the standard calculations. One example of this is choosing Accrual or Cash Accounting. The procedures must reflect the choices that were made in the system setup. We will help you set up the system and write procedures that coordinate them.

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