Policy & Process Development

Here’s the Question:

The latest and greatest technologies and systems are being installed. The expectation is that these projects will provide a plan for production and resources. Just because a system recommends a particular plan, schedule or action does not mean that the business will follow that recommendation. How does the business maximize its returns from technology projects?

The SCS Solution:

The key to maximizing value is to exercise discipline over the planning process. Changing plans frequently, particularly at the last minute, is very costly. Each function within a business would probably react differently. Each might have good reasons for their positions. The best way is to develop policies and a process that captures the best thinking of all functions.

  1. A set of policy templates is used to walk the business through the development of key supply chain issues.
  2. Develop standard planning processes for strategic & tactical planning and operational scheduling.
  3. Customize the policies and process by business sub-unit as needed.
  4. Set-up the systems to automate the policies and process as reasonably cost efficient and within the technical capability of the organization.
  5. Set-up Sales & Operational Planning teams to plan resources, monitor and change policies or processes when compliance is a problem; and insure that the team takes ownership of supply chain planning and operation.

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