General Description of services provided by Supply Chain Systems


We are the one stop location for your supply chain needs. Think of us as a general contractor for supply chain software, hardware, implementation, programming, documentation, education, analysis and other consulting needs.

Supply Chain Categories

Supply chain optimization is actually a very broad area. We can help you focus in on what you need most to provide the greatest benefit/value for your situation. It doesn't matter what size organization you have, there are always opportunities to improve. Please review the specific options available in the left frame to see more detailed information about our services. Below is a partial list of areas we cover.
  1. Planning Objectives
    - Strategic
    - Tactical
    - Operational
  2. Industry Types - Consumer Goods
    - Retail
    - Repetitive Manufacturing
    - Discrete Manufacturing
    - Engineer-to-Order
    - Military
    - Process Industries
  3. Technologies
    - ERP/Business Systems/QuickBooks
    - APS/Finite Scheduling/Sourcing Optimization/Inventory Optimization
    - EDI/Bar Coding/RFID
    - Data Mining
  4. Functional Areas
    - Forecasting / Demand Management
    - Sales Force Automation
    - Purchasing
    - Customer Service
    - Manufacturing
    - Logistics
    - Inventory Control

Supply Chain Systems, Inc.